Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gardens Progress

I posted last month about the five Oxheart tomato plants I have growing in the vegie patch. I don't use pesticides, and as a result I've had a little running battle with caterpillars and potato bugs, but I think I'm winning ;) I read that the best way to control them is by checking the leaves and fruit a couple of times a day, and picking off any offenders as I find them. There has been a few casualties, mostly the young fruit, but I expected to lose some. The rest  are powering along...

...and there are still blossoms, which are producing more fruit...

This little chap, while very cute, wasn't a pleasant surprise...

In the flower beds, I have colour galore. Daisies, geraniums and impatiens are my favourite plants. They require minimal care, and just seem to be happy to bloom and grow :) The impatiens I planted over summer are gorgeous. Their seed pods have been breaking open, which means lots of tiny seedlings are now sprouting up. I'm planning on putting some of these in pots to add some colour on the verandah.

I'll finish this post with a picture of the crab's claw, which hasn't made it into a hanging pot yet (although I have bought several), but it is full of buds, and should be an absolute picture once they all bloom!


  1. I love your garden. I have to get satisfied with a few containers because of the limited space.

  2. Thanks! The vegie garden is taking shape now that autumn has arrived :)