Saturday, April 9, 2011

Staying Up Late

That's what I did last night ;) I have been working with felt over the last week, making pincushions and working on needle books. I had some large circles of grey and blue felt, which I had cut out to make a pincushion, when it struck me that the circles would make ideal needle books :D

I made one for my knitting bag, to keep pins and safety pins in, and it fits in well amongst my knitting paraphernalia. The one above, which is the reason for my late night, is one which will be the first listed in my Etsy shop, and I plan on making more over the weekend. 

I love to use a wrist pincushion when I am sewing at my machine. For a while now, I have made do with a small one I made from fabric and elastic, but now I have a fancy magenta one...all hand sewn by moi :)

Who knew felt could be so addictive!