Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Autumn Announces Its Arrival

We had a very strange summer. A heatwave toward the end of January, but little else in the way of sweltering hot weather that we are accustomed to. Now, Autumn is definitely making its presence felt. When I'm out in the garden, I can feel the coolness in the air as evening approaches. The nights are cool enough to pull the quilt up to the chin, and the cats are snuggling...a sure sign that cool weather is approaching ;) Another sure sign is the flowering of my Crabs Claw.

I got a section from a neighbours plant a couple of years ago, and grew it in with a Cascading Geranium. It is now a small plant, and this is the first year that it has produced  a lot of buds, so I will soon plant it out into a hanging pot all its own.

On the knitting front, tonight I'm going to swatch for something new for winter. Radiate has been on my Rav list for some time now, and it will make a perfect transitional piece. I bought the wool, a 10 ply in a gorgeous blue, back in January, it's such a beautifully soft yarn, can't wait to get started.


  1. Love the flower in the post above! :D Somehow I can't see a comment-link on the first post? Maybe you want to check it out...

  2. Thanks Madeleine! All fixed :)