Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Uninvited Lunch Guest

I was out of town for most of today, so before I started on the drive home, I bought a late lunch and ate it by the water. As is usual, the gulls, pelicans and pee wees came to see if there were any hot chips up for grabs (there wasn't). The gulls and pee wees soon left, but this chap wasn't taking no for an answer...

...he stood on the opposite side of the table for some time, making lots of eye contact. Then he started stamping one foot, very loudly, all the while looking at me. He then circled the table, still looking. He did this a few times, before going back to his original spot, and resuming his pleading looks.

I love pelicans. Their dark eyes with the yellow rings around them, their green/grey feet and the way they waddle around...but this guy was special. He was maybe the boldest pelican I have come across...and I felt really guilty that I didn't have any goodies to share with him ;)

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