Sunday, December 27, 2009



While getting dinner on Tuesday evening, I heard this gorgeous little bundle's frantic meows coming from bushland opposite our home. Luckily, I was able to catch her and bring her home to safety. She's a little calico, between 2-3 months old, and after a bath, flea treatment and worm paste, she has well and truly settled in! She has only two speeds, flat out, or sound asleep ;)

On Wednesday afternoon I took her to the vet, where the nurse scanned her to see if she was microchipped. She wasn't :-\ so I can only assume she was dumped. How someone could do that to something so tiny and vulnerable is beyond me. There are at least two cat rescue groups in a rural area alone who do so much to rehome cats and kittens, as well as the RSPCA. The vet was out on a call when I was there, so next week I will take her back up and have her microchipped in my name, and get her registered...then she will be an official member of the household ;)

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