Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I love New Year. Shrugging off the old year and starting a brand spanking new one, full of hope and possibilty. I don't make New Years resolutions, but this year I am setting goals at the start of each month for things I want to achieve for that month. My first goals for January are knitting related. 2012 was not a great year for knitting achievements, and I'm blaming the following two culprits. Endless rows of stocking stitch does not a happy knitter make ;P

Lady Kina
Simple Spring Swing Cardigan

Both of these cardigans are for Mum, and I'm rather ashamed to say that the Lady Kina has been on the needles exactly two years today! The Simple Spring Swing Cardigan has been finished a while, but I have to frog and reknit the button bands. The bands are tight, as I didn't pick up quite enough stitches, and this makes the bottom corners of the cardigan turn upwards. Of course, I'll also have to frog the row around the neck, as it was the last to be knit :\. The frogging and knitting in total is 15 rows...but you'd think I have to start from the beginning, it just feels like such an effort. Getting these two off the needles is my goal for January.

Other knitting projects are for the first half of this year are...

...finding the perfect pattern for this gorgeous wool that was a birthday gift from Mum last year. I have been  marking candidates on Ravelry.

Frogging this cardigan...

Ms Greenjeans

I knit it in Cascade 220 Heathers (Celery), and while I love how it turned out, I have never worn it. It just isn't me! So I have decided that instead of having perfectly good wool sitting around, off to the frog pond it goes. It's going to be re-knit as the Hampton Cardigan, a pattern I have adored ever since I bought the book :)


  1. That's right, through those knitting villains out there! ^.^ I need to make me some goals for 2013 too!