Saturday, November 3, 2012

Country Fete

Mum and I went to a country fete today. About half hours drive from home, it was held at the community hall which is surrounded by farm land. Mum's parents and grandparents came from this area, so it holds a lot childhood memories for her.

The fete was packed...a farmer had moved his cows from the paddock  closest to the hall, so that it could be used for parking, (I know they were cows, because we had to be careful not to step in what they left behind ;p)

There were many things to look at and buy, my favourite being a stall selling vintage embroideries and china. I bought a couple of centerpieces. I thought they were a bargain at $5 a piece.

  Ziggy's tail...he was determined to be in every shot ;)

Detail...the work is just beautiful!

The back is just as neat as the front!

The thread on this one is a little the worse for wear in a few places, but I have always loved these Crinoline Ladies, so home with me she came...

I also bought some plants...

Begonias, Lavender, and one determined Tabby!

Dwarf Dahlia...sans Tabby.


  1. gorgeous! what lovely market finds!

  2. What fun Kylie. I miss not being able to go to days out like that with my mum. The linens are wonderful for $5, I would have been right in their with you looking for old treasures. Tracee xx

  3. What a great market - I love visiting markets - you never know what you'll find there.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) May I suggest you change your settings (at the moment, when you comment on another's blog page, they are unable to get back to you as the return address comes up as noreply-comment@blogger) it makes it easier. Cheerio, have a wonderful week,
    Sandi x

    1. Thanks Sandi...I just checked my comment on your blog, and it returned to my blogger profile :)

  4. What gorgeous finds Kylie!
    I love the embroidery, esp the Crinoline Nanna used to crochet Crinoline Lady doilies - I must have a look at one of the ones she made and see if I can work out the pattern.
    hope you are having a nice Sunday :)

    1. Thanks Gillian! I have a pink Crinoline Lady doily that my maternal grandmother crocheted.