Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spindle Goodies & A WIP

After thoroughly enjoying last years Tour de Fleece, and feeling encouraged by the activity on Ravelry, I have started planning my goals for this years tour. I have decided I want to spin a decent quantity of a plain coloured fleece. I honestly don't think I could spindle enough for a jumper or cardigan during the tour, but I have decided I want to spin a 3ply, sport or DK weight, and would like to set a respectable goal of maybe half. I realised achieving my goal would be easier if I had some spindles which were the same weight. That way, I can fill 3 spindles, ply from those, and still have a 'working' spindle. I found these drop spindles from The Knit Store on Etsy.

Maple Top Whorl Spindles

I have already taken one for a spin, and it spins beautifully. The fibre is perendale, which I bought last year. It is fuchsia and orange, and the colours are combining beautifully when spun. 

On the knitting side of things, I have finally finished the back of the Simple Spring Swing Cardigan, which has been on the needles for far too long!

The fronts and back are knitted separately, seamed at the shoulders, and then stitches are picked up along the edges of the garter stitch sections to knit the sleeves. To reduce seaming even further, I have left the stitches on either side of the back live, and will do the same with the fronts. I can then do a three needle bind off, and will only have to sew seams on the sides :)

I am knitting the fronts both at the same time, so to keep the yarn from the two balls of wool from getting tangled, I have come up with a rather nifty little idea...'s the little plastic bit from a spice bottle which I have attached to the snap lock bag with a locking stitch marker. It is very effective :D


  1. I love the spice lid idea, I may have to do that with my 2 at a time socks. I am also in love with your spindle project, the color is gorgeous.

  2. maybe this is a stupid question from a newbie-ish spinner, but why do you need more than one spindle?

    and that fiber is gorgeous, by the way :)

    1. There are no stupid questions ;) I'm still a newbie-ish spinner too.

      For the TDF, I want to spin at least half a cardigan/jumper's worth of fleece. I'm planning a 3ply sport or DK weight, so by having 4 spindles the same weight, I can have 3 spindles full waiting to be plied, and start on the fourth :)

  3. The cardigan color is beautiful! It will look fantastic.
    Now the idea to use the spice bottle lid is brilliant!

    1. Thanks Andi! The cardigan is for my Mum, and she's giving me ever so gentle hints that the weather is getting cold enough to wear it :)

  4. Oh those spindles look beautifully made, I so want to learn to do this one day....
    The fibre you are spinning is so pretty.
    How clever to use the spice lid, I will keep that in mind when I next work with multiple stands at once...thank you for sharing the idea Kylie :)