Monday, April 23, 2012

Colour Lovers

Choosing yarn is always a thrill, and I'm usually decided in the weight and type of fibre I want, but when it comes to choosing the colour, it takes me quite a bit a time and deliberation before I decide on one. When I'm choosing the colour of yarn to knit garments, I find the my final choice is influenced by how that colour will look in the chosen pattern, and how it will fit in with my existing wardrobe. After spending time knitting a cardigan, I don't want to be limited by what it can be worn with. So I tend to choose more mellow colours. My Radiate cardigan, which I knit last year, is a perfect example...

...I wore it at every opportunity, and received many compliments on both the design and colour. It's washed and ready to go again for this coming winter.

An example of being influenced by the colour a pattern was knit in is my Puff Sleeved Feminine Cardigan...

The pattern showed the cardigan knit in red, a colour I like, and I was so smitten with it, that I didn't really give a lot of thought to the design, but the pattern just isn't me. Suffice to say, I have never worn it, and it has languished in my wardrobe ever since. 

Crochet blankets are where I can really go wild with colours... current project is a Granny Square blanket, made of scraps of acrylic, with each square edged in white. 


  1. Too bad you never where the red one, it's such a pretty pattern! I like the blanket, it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. I am with you and tend to wear more calm colors for my overall wardrobe. Now when it comes to my socks or crochet problems...I always go for bright, fun colors. Both knits
    are lovely, that red one is fantastic!

  3. well this is exactly the way i feel about colors - my wardrobe is extremely muted, but give me an afghan or some dishcloths and i am a rainbow explosion!!

  4. Two amazing cardigans! And the blanket is beautiful :)