Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today marks the official start of summer, but it has been cold and wet! I like overcast days, as they are great for taking photos of items for my Etsy shop. The colours appear more natural, and the beads are so much easier to capture when there isn't a lot of glare to deal with.

Removable Stitch Markers
Of course, no photographic session would be complete without an assistant or two!

Ziggy is the latest addition to my feline family. He belonged to neighbours who were moving and were unable to take him with them. Seeing as he has always spent a large amount of his time in our yard, and he gets on well with my cats, it seemed perfectly natural that he should move in with us :) So, last Friday, he was officially adopted. Microchip and registration transferred over to me. He's 6½ years old, and is quite the ladies man ;)


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