Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small Things

I took my camera outside this afternoon while Lucy was having some outdoor time, and took some photos of some of the small things growing in the back yard. Firstly, seedlings...

Lebanese cucumber, capsicum, Oxheart tomatoes,
sweet basil, iceberg lettuce and parsley.

...then, Tiny Tim, the sweetest, tastiest little tomato...

On the non-edible side, a climbing rose, which grows wild in a paddock near a friends house. He dug a small piece out for me a couple of years ago, and it has grown very slowly, but this spring I have been rewarded with flowers! They are so tiny, pink and perfectly formed,with just a hint perfume :)

We've had a lot of rain over winter, and it has continued into spring. Around 4am this morning we had an almighty storm, and it has rained most of the day, leaving leaves and flowers covered in droplets...

Tiny Geranium buds.

Leaf of the May Bush.


  1. Beautiful photos! :D
    Did you change your blog look, or am I just imagining things? It looks great, anyway! ;)

  2. Thanks Madeleine! Yes, I changed the blog around a little...thanks for noticing :)