Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fibre Goodies

Our local craft festival was held this weekend. As I live in a rural area, it's a great opportunity to buy supplies, which I normally buy online, and try out new crafts at the workshops. While patchworkers and scrap-bookers were well catered for, there were a few stalls selling fibre, though sadly no spindles! Since I started spinning, I have only used merino, so today I bought some different fibres to try.

Locally produced Alpaca, dyed a pale blue, 121g
Perendale, orange and hot pink, 98g


  1. That fibre looks gorgeous. I don't spin but DD does and she has quite a few different types of fleece thanks to a friend's stash-busting!

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    I'm glad you've found the staff at Sp**t helpful and friendly; all I ever hear is derogatory comments about service and quality!