Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It shouldn't be, but it is! Not only is it cold, but wet too. The rain started yesterday afternoon and over 24 hours later, it still hasn't stopped. This spring has been one of the strangest I can remember. With summer less than  a month away, I sit here dressed in track pants, long sleeve jacket and socks...yet two days ago, it was so humid, we had a storm that afternoon. I'm glad I'm not packing to go on holiday, I'd need to take my entire wardrobe ;P

I have plenty to occupy me this weekend should the rain continue (to be honest, it won't bother me, great excuse to stay indoors and knit/sew/crochet)...I want to get started on my first piece of clothing for my Wardrobe Refashion pledge. I've decided to make a top, and just have to decided which out of two patterns I want to make. I also want to get as much knitting done on Diminishing Rib (rav link) as I possibly can. I only have about 3cm to go on one sleeve, and then start the other. My Mum has been waiting very patiently for this, and has been dropping a few hints that it is still cool enough that she could wear it if only it were finished. I'll be quiet pleased to get it off the needles and start something new.

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