Monday, April 1, 2013

From The Dye Pot

It's Easter Monday, wet and a little chilly. The cats slept in, had breakfast, looked out the back door at the heavy rain, and went back to bed. Autumn is making its presence felt.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you've had an enjoyable one. I've had a very quiet, uneventful Easter, as I've been under the weather with sinus :-( So under the weather that I couldn't knit until yesterday, Mum and I went out for a late afternoon coffee, and I worked on my second Honey Badger sock. No pictures of the sock, but I do have some pictures of my latest round of dyeing merino fibre.

Lemon Grass 100g Merino

Lilac Blues 50g Merino

Pink 100g Merino
I dyed these using a crock pot. The pink has a mottled effect which was achieved by heating the water and dye in the crock pot and then adding the fibre. I think it is going to spin up beautifully.


  1. ooooh - absolutely gorgeous!! i'm loving that bright spring green!!

    1. Thanks Melissa...I can't wait to get them spun up!

  2. So springy, and a good idea to use a crock pot. I need to dye again really soon!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I bought an $18 crock pot from a big chain store to use for dyeing only, and it works perfectly.