Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Taste Of Honey

Introducing...my Honey Badger socks, which I cast on on Christmas night. I hadn't really knit them much until Sunday. It was hot outside (Sunday turned out to be the last day of a week long heat wave), and the only thing I could do was hug the A/C and watch cricket. I made great progress, finishing the cuff, and starting on the pattern, which is easy to memorise. I am also sticking to my goal of having Lady Kina off the needles by the end of January, she has grown 12cm since Sunday...phew!


  1. oooh - great texture/yarn combo!
    these are going to be one lovely pair of socks!

  2. These are looking fab! Love your color choice Kylie!

    1. Thanks Andi...I'm really pleased with them!