Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hexagon Love

 Back in the early '80s, my high school textile & design teacher introduced us to English paper piecing. We were each given a cardboard hexagon template, shown how to make the paper pieces and cut the fabric using the same template with a small seam allowance added. I made two patchwork cushions, ever so carefully hand stitched, and my Mum still uses them to this day. They have faded, but the tiny stitches have held up to use and an untold amount of washing.Fast forward 31 years, and the hexagon bug has bitten once again :D...although, this time my templates are more durable than that little cardboard one.

Piecing on the go...housed in a cute biscuit tin my much loved Nan
gave me many years ago.

I am making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, with a white background and solid yellow..I would normally go for pink, but for some reason yellow is the colour that appeals for this project. The hexagon measures 3" across (1½" edges).

My EQ plan!

For the flowers, I'm using 1930's reproduction fabrics, which I have been collecting over the years.

I love that it is portable...I can sit and stitch while I wait for the washing to finish, or while Lucy is having a ramble...

I love how whip stitch moves along so quickly, even though the stitches are tiny. Before I know it, a flower is  finished!


One other thing I have discovered is that old issues of Frankie magazine make the best paper pieces. The pages are just the right weight...and they look rather pretty on the back :)

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  1. oh i love the hexies!!
    my friend melinda is currently making these as well and oh it is sooo tempting to jump on the bandwagon... especially when i see you gorgeous hexies too!