Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring, Storms, Sewing and Rainbow Lorikeets


The rainbow lorikeets were uncharacteristically quite in the trees outside my kitchen window. They are usually swooping about, chirping noisily, and difficult to photograph. This one sat there almost motionless for quite a while, making the odd noise, waiting for replies.

Spring has well and truly arrived. The May Bush is in full bloom, it's tiny blossoms delicately scattering tiny petals.

We were on standby for severe thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. The storm arrived around 4pm...but thankfully we were spared too much of her wildness. It has been very warm this morning, there are more storms forecast for this afternoon, and the clouds are building up.

Another Japanese knot bag, this time in a sweet green and navy acorn/floral print. The lining is gingham, green and white.


  1. oh that is such a cute bag! I had a lookie at it in your shop too and the lining is so beautifully matched :)

    as I type there are lorikeets squawking on my back deck at the bird bath, & our lovely pussy cat (who is on the inside looking out) is doing her 'go away bird' meow ;)

  2. Thanks Gillian! My cats love watching the birds too, from inside, of course ;)