Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Winter's Ramble

Winter has not been too pleasant the last few days, rain and extreme cold has made it unpleasant to do even simple tasks like taking out the garbage bins for collection. We had a brief respite today (the sun even tried to break  through!) so I put Lucys' collar on, grabbed my camera and we headed out for a breath of fresh air.

Happy to be outside after being cooped up indoors for almost a week!

While Lucy rambled, I decided to check on a tomato plant which decided to thumb it's nose to mother nature, by sprouting out of season in our compost heap. I didn't think we would get any tomatoes off it, fearing the cold would put an end to the plant, but today I harvested 33 green/just turning tomatoes! The bush is still flowering and has a large number of smaller tomatoes left, so I'll leave it and see what happens.

The tomatoes are indoors to finish ripening, and for those that don't, they will end up as green tomato pickles.

Our winter garden is a little dismal. The only colour to brighten it up today was a dandelion...

...and I found this little chap in a terracotta pot, crawling over the moss...

...he's absolutely tiny!


  1. It has been nice to have to sun come out in our part of the world again Kylie!
    Love your photos esp the tiny snail..too cute!

    I think the tomatoes that self seed are often the strongest, we have them come up in the compost from time to time as well.

    hope you are having a beautiful day!

    1. I agree about the tomatoes, I've picked over 40 so far, all from the one plant! They are so tasty too.