Monday, May 21, 2012

Hand-spun & A New WIP

My hand-spun is finished, and it is the most consistent yarn I have spun yet :)

Perendale...Approx: 102m, 15 wpi & 80g

I started knitting my first shawl last night. It's plain, but it's easy knitting, which is a good thing sometimes. Using 12 ply and 6mm needles, I'm hoping for a quick knit. All details are on my Rav project page.


  1. Ohhh, very pretty yarn! And the shawl looks like a nice break from reality :)

  2. Thanks Lisa :) I'm finding the shawl to be an addictive know the kind where you finish a row, then say 'one more row, then bed', and 20 rows later, you're still saying it ;)

  3. very impressive yardage!

    and your new shawl is going to be gorgeous - the subtle color shifts in that yarn are lovely.