Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now For Another

Hot on the heels of my first try at dyeing comes my second attempt...which I am very happy with. Maybe because pink, in all it's shades, is my favourite colour, or just because this turned out so differently to what I expected!

I applied pink and black food colouring in sections. The black food colouring has a little blue in it, which can be seen in the fibre, and it has mixed in with the pink to make a gorgeous lavender! Think I may be getting a little addicted to this dyeing lark ;)


  1. It's somehow satisfying with cloths you've made yourself! :) How do you clean yours? I've read that some boil them?

  2. I just throw them in with the tea towels on a hot wash...they're made from 100% cotton, and stand up to the rough treatment very well :)