Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Matter How Small...Every Little Bit Helps

Like every Australian, and a lot of others around the world, I have been watching the news for updates regarding the floods in Queensland and Northern NSW. QLD has suffered incredible, almost incomprehensible loss and damage, with the premier Anna Bligh last night saying that the ruin is of post-war proportions.

It is heartening to hear of the many organisations and charities already at work raising money, which will be needed down the track, as people start the long process of rebuilding their lives. Our local Lions club are out and about the CBD with buckets for donations. I was talking with a friend of mine this morning, she is a member of the Salvation Army, and she said they have been inundated with calls from people wanting to know how best they can help. For those who can't donate financially, practical donations such as unwanted clothing, toys, linen and other household goods will be needed once the flood waters have receded and people are starting to pick up the pieces.

Here are a few links for anyone who would like to offer support in any way: 

A group on Ravelry is looking at ways of helping too...

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