Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Day Granny Took A Dip

We are now in the last month of winter, but today there was a definite hint of spring in the air. It was an absolutely perfect day, blue skies, no clouds or winds...although I'm sure we'll get a few more cold snaps ;) After lunch, I sat out on the verandah with a cup of tea and a little crochet project. I fell in love with Anchor's 100% 8ply cotton, and when a local craft shop cleared it out at $1.00 a ball, I bought up =D...the variegated colours are so vibrant.

The little project in question is will be a potholder. I have finished the first square, and will make another the same size from a different colourway, and stitch them together with a simple running stitch, then a chain for a little loop.

Even Granny thought it was a great day for a dip ;)

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